Leadership team

The Commission is a collegiate decision body comprised of three members, Chief Commissioner and two Deputies, who have the status of officials. Chief Commissioner is responsible for managing and organising the Commission’s work, however in deciding on substantive matters, his vote is of equal weight to the votes of each of the Deputies. The Commission’s decisions on substantive matters are adopted at sessions by a majority of votes of all the members of the Commission.

The law provisions a special selection and appointment procedure for members of the Commission, which have been put in place to ensure its independence. Chief Commissioner and the two Deputies are appointed by the President of the Republic, whose selection is made from the candidates submitted to them by a selection board comprised of representatives of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia, private non-profit organisations, the Judicial Council, and the Officials Council. Chief Commissioner is appointed for six years and the Deputy Commissioners for five years. Before the end of their respective terms, they may be dismissed only if found in breach of the law or the Constitution.

Chief Commissioner

Mr Boris Štefanec was born in 1954 in Murska Sobota. Upon completing his primary and secondary education in Murska Sobota, he studied at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana and graduated in 1978.

His first employment was with factory Pomurka in Murska Sobota when Mr Štefanec was still a student (1977). After graduation and mandatory military service, he was taken on the company’s legal team. He left Pomurka in 1980 and worked as deputy prosecutor for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Murska sobota for the following five years. In 1985, he took a job with the municipal committee of the Communist Party, first as executive secretary and after one year as secretary of the municipal committee.

In 1990, Mr Štefanec became a judge at Murska Sobota Local Court, unit Ljutomer, and between 1992 and his appointment as Chief Commissioner, he was a self-employed lawyer in Murska Sobota.

Mr Štefanec is married to Edita; they have a son, Boris, Jr. Mr Štefanec is a devout hunter and a member of hunting club Kompas Peskovci. He is also a chess enthusiast and owns several hundred books on chess, mostly in English, as well as a music fan, particularly of classic rock and jazz.

Deputy Commissioner

Uroš Novak, MA (1969) received his MA from the Faculty of Administration, having previously graduated from the School of Public Administration and the University School of Public Administration. From September 2017 until his appointment as Deputy Commissioner, he was employed at Slovenian Railways. Previously, he had worked at Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, which in 2014 amalgamated with Customs Administration of the Republic of Slovenia to become Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, from 1999.

Deputy Commissioner

Simon Savski was born in 1966. In 2006 he graduated at the Faculty of Law, before that he completed his studies at College of Internal Affairs and College of Police and Security.

He started his career as a police officer. He continued as a police inspector at the  Operational Communication Center of the General Police Directorate.

From 2008 on he worked at the Police and Security Directorate, Ministry of the Interior, where he was responsible for private security, detective work, municipal police, ski resort security and prosecutorial security.

In 2013 he started working at the Ministry od Law as an advisor for security. He was responsible for the security od judicial authorities and ministries, the fields od defense planning, civil protection and disaster relief and the security od classified information. He is the author of  the Private Security Act and co-author of the Detective Activity Act with commentary.

He is an expert in the fields od security, security planning and risk management. As an lecturer in the fields of security he conducted various training courses of judges, prosecutors, employees of judicial authorities as well as of security staff in the Chamber of the Republic of Slovenia for the Development of Slovenian Private Security and at several vocational colleges.

He lives with his wife Sonja and daughter Simona who also graduated in law.

In his spare time he enjoys traveling and exploring unknown destinations. He is attracted to various sports such as cycling and horseback riding, recently he’s been also more actively participating in team sailing at international racing events.