Activities of the Commission

The Commission has a wide range of competences, from the prevention of corruption and the strengthening of integrity of public office to the supervision and inspection of suspicions of alleged corrupt conduct and other irregularities. Commission’s competences are primarily defined in the Integrity and Prevention of Corruption Act, and additionally laid out in the Rules of Procedure of the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption. The structure of its competences and tasks are further defined in the Document on the Internal Organisation and Job Classification in the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption.

The Commission’s competences and tasks vary according to the Commission’s various fields of activity, viz.:

  • prevention of corruption,
  • integrity of public office,
  • lobbying,
  • the conflict of interest,
  • incompatibility of office and prohibition of membership and activities,
  • supervision of assets of officials,
  • restrictions on business activities,
  • gifts,
  • oversight and investigation of alleged corruption cases,
  • collaboration on international projects,
  • analyses and research into the phenomenon of corruption,
  • education, training, awareness-raising and other prevention measures and projects,
  • offence proceedings,
  • assessment of law proposals and other legal documents in terms of corruption risks and risks of the breach of integrity.

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