Investigation and oversight

Oversight and investigation of Alleged Corruptive Practices

Our activities focus on oversight and investigation of alleged corruptive acts and other violations under the jurisdiction of the ZIntPK. Besides that, our duties are also: protection of the whistleblowers, oversight of incompatibility of office, prohibition and restriction on receipt of gifts, restrictions of operation/business and supervision of assets of persons under obligation. Investigation and oversight Bureau is also a generator for administrative and misdemeanor procedures.

Our tasks, among others, include:

  • conducting administrative investigations into allegations of corruption, conflict of interest, illegal lobbying nad other violations under the jurisdiction of the CPC;
  • protection of whistleblowers;
  • collecting and monitoring the financial status of high level public officials in the executive, legislature and judiciary through the assets declaration system;
  • maintaining the central register of lobbyists;
  • operational cooperation with law enforcement and prosecutorial bodies (police, public prosecutors, courts and other state authorities)
  • enforcing the conflict of interest rules;

The Investigation and Oversight Bureau is also responsible for adopting decisions in misdemeanor procedures, monitoring matters of international corruption and for this purpose coordinating communication with state organs, performing tasks, regarding legal obligation of the use of anti-corruption clause, preparing and proposing opinions in principle, positions, recommendations and explanations in relation to suspected corruption in specific or systemic issues ecc…