Last update: 30.01.2014

*The number of applications received is not necessarily equal to the number of actual lobbying contacts, as a single application can contain more than one lobbying contact. The reported number of applications received also includes the contacts that do not have the characteristics of a lobbying contact under the provisions of the Integrity and Prevention of Corruption Act.

Number Subject more Details
1President of the National AssemblyNumber of reportings: 0
2Parliamentary group SDNumber of reportings: 75
3Parliamentary group PSNumber of reportings: 49
4Parliamentary group SDSNumber of reportings: 3
5Parliamentary group SLSNumber of reportings: 3
6Parliamentary group NSiNumber of reportings: 20
7Parliamentary group DLNumber of reportings: 11
8Parliamentary group DeSUSNumber of reportings: 25
9Unaffiliated Parliamentary Deputy (NeP)Number of reportings: 1
10Government of the Republic of SloveniaNumber of reportings: 67
11Office of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for Slovenians AbroadNumber of reportings: 1
12Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and SportNumber of reportings: 2
13Ministry of FinanceNumber of reportings: 118
14Ministry of the InteriorNumber of reportings: 3
15Ministry of Foreign AffairsNumber of reportings: 3
16Ministry of Justice and Public AdministrationNumber of reportings: 6
17Ministry of DefenceNumber of reportings: 9
18Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal OpportunitiesNumber of reportings: 1
19Ministry of Economic Development and TechnologyNumber of reportings: 32
20Ministry of Agriculture and the EnvironmentNumber of reportings: 50
21Ministry of Education, Science and SportNumber of reportings: 29
22Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial PlanningNumber of reportings: 5
23Ministry of HealthNumber of reportings: 16
24Agency for medicinal products and medical devices of the Republic of SloveniaNumber of reportings: 18
25Municipality of KamnikNumber of reportings: 2
26Ministery of JusticeNumber of reportings: 4
27Ministery of CultureNumber of reportings: 0
28Municipality of TrzinNumber of reportings: 1
29DRI Investment Management Ltd.Number of reportings: 2
30MEPNumber of reportings: 1

 NOTICE! Government bodies, bodies of local authorities and holders of public authorisation which you were not able to find on the list above or have listed as number of lobbying reports ‘0’ have not reported to the CPC.