Supervizor is an online application that provides information to users on business transactions of the public sector bodies – direct and indirect budget users (bodies of the legislative, judicial and executive branch, autonomous and independent state bodies, local communities and their parts with legal personality, public institutes, public funds, public agencies etc.). The Supervizor is a project, conceptually designed and prepared by the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption of the Republic of Slovenia in cooperation with an independent expert and assistance of other bodies which provided the relevant data and cooperated in its presentation and interpretation (the Slovenian Ministry of finance, the Public Payments Administration of the Republic of Slovenia - UJP, the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services - AJPES).

The aplication indicates contracting parties, the largest recipients of funds, related legal entities, date and amount of transactions and also purpose of money transfers. It also enables presentation of data using graphs as well as printouts for specified periods of time and other. The Supervizor represents an important step towards a more transparent state operations and will be further upgraded and improved by the Commission in cooperation with other bodies. The application enables insight in financial flows among the public and the private sector not only to the public, the media and the profession, but also to other regulatory and supervizory bodies. At the same time it implements the primary purpose of the Commission s mission: strenghtening the rule of law, integrity and transparency and mitigation of corruption risks and conflicts of interest.

Transparency of financial flows among the public and the private sector achieved through this application increases the level of responsibilities of public office holders for effective and efficient use of public finance, facilitates debate on adopted and planned investments and projects as well as decreases risks for illicit management, abuse of functions, and above all, limits systemic corruption, unfair competitiveness and clientage in public procurement procedures.


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