Field of work and jurisdiction

The CPC has a wide mandate in the field of preventing and investigating corruption, breaches of ethics and integrity of public office. Its tasks, among others, include:

  • conducting administrative investigations into allegations of corruption, conflict of interest and illegal lobbying;
  • protection of whistleblowers;
  • monitoring the financial status of high level public officials in the executive, legislature and judiciary through the assets declaration system;
  • maintaining the central register of lobbyists;
  • adopting and coordinating the implementation of the National Anti-corruption Action Plan;
  • assisting public institutions in development of integrity plans (methodology to identify and limit corruption risks) and monitoring their implementation;
  • designing and implementing different anti-corruption preventive measures (awareness raising, training, education, …);
  • serving as a national focal point for international anti-corruption cooperation on systemic level (GRECO, OECD, UN, EU, …).

The CPC is not a part of the law enforcement or prosecution system of Slovenia and it employees do not have typical police powers. Criminal investigations of cases of corruption are the prerogative of the Criminal Police /National Investigation Bureau and the Prosecutors Office – institutions with which CPC closely cooperates. The CPC, however, has broad legal powers to access and subpoena financial and other documents (notwithstanding the confidentiality level), question public servants and officials, conduct administrative investigations and proceedings and instruct different law enforcement bodies (e.g. Anti-money laundering Office, Tax Administartion, …) to gather additional information and evidence within the limits of their authority. The CPC can also issue fines for different violations under its jurisdiction to natural and legal persons in public and private sector.


To strengthen its independence, the Act provides a special procedure for appointment and dismissal of the leadership of the CPC. Chief Commissioner and two deputies are appointed by the President of the Republic of Slovenia following an open recruitment procedure and nomination by a special selection board. Candidates which must meet high professional and integrity standards are interviewed and screened by a selection board comprising a representative of the Government, the National Assembly, non-governmental organisations, the Independent Judicial Council and the Independent Council of Officials. The Chief Commissioner's term of office is six years, the deputy's five. They can serve up to two terms in office. Prior to the expiration of the mandate, they can only be dismissed from office by the President (on his/her own motion or on the motion of the Parliament) if they act in breach of the Constitution or the law. The budget of the CPC is determined yearly by the Parliament and the CPC is autonomous in allocating and organising its financial and human resources and priorities.