CPC's response to yesterday’s statements made by Alenka Bratušek in the European Parliament

Ljubljana, October 7, 2014 - The Commission for Prevention of Corruption has not yet concluded the investigation regarding the 'selection procedure of the European Commissioner' and therefore yesterday's statement by Alenka Bratušek in relation to the Commission's findings in that case is incomplete or rather premature and inaccurate.

The Commission has an open and ongoing investigation regarding the infringement of the provisions of the Integrity and Prevention of Corruption Act (IPCA - https://www.kpk-rs.si/upload/datoteke/ZintPK-ENG.pdf), including the obligation pertaining to the avoidance of conflicts of interest (see IPCA, Art. 37-40) by members of the Government. Breaches of this obligation have allegedly occurred in the process of proposing and deciding on the Slovenian candidates for the post of the Slovene member of the European Commission. Moreover, in addition to the suspicion of the conflict of interest provisions, the Commission is also investigating suspicion of corruption and suspicion of conduct contrary to expected integrity of public officials (see IPCA, Art. 4 for the definition of terms).

The investigation is not yet complete, but the Commission has, in the above mentioned case regarding the part alleging breaches of conflict of interest provisions on the part of Alenka Bratušek adopted draft findings and sent them to her on September 9th. On September 27th the mail with the draft findings was, pursuant to the rules of procedure regarding service of documents, left in her mailbox and is thus considered to be officially served. The deadline for her to comment on the draft findings expires today, October 7th.