David Lapornik

Deputy Commissioner

Mr David Lapornik (1985) is a lawyer, having graduated at the Faculty of Law of the University of Ljubljana. He passed the State Legal Exam in 2011 at the Ministry of Justice. 

He found his first employment with the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs, and Equal Opportunities. Later, he worked as a law associate at a law firm, and served as a judicial trainee at the High Court of Ljubljana between 2009 and 2011. Between 2011 and 2016, he was a legal secretary at the District Court of Ljubljana. In 2013, he headed the project group for the electronic court registrary at the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia, where he was also a member of the project group for judicial enforcement. 

Mr Lapornik worked as a legal secretary at the Specialised State Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Slovenia until 2018, when he found employment at the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption. As a Corruption Oversight Counsellor, he conducted considerations of reports on the suspicions of corruption and breaches of integrity, as well as investigations into detected breaches within the remit of the Commission’s competence. In October 2021, he began his five-year term as Deputy Commissioner.