Reporting persons are individuals who submit a report to the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption or another competent authority about conduct that they believe has signs of corruption or other irregularities within the jurisdiction of the Commission. On this page, you will find the submission form, all rights and responsibilities under the Reporting Persons Protection Act, and other important information that the reporting person needs when submitting a claim.

Why report corruption or other violations within the Commission’s remit?

  • Because you want to take action too!

  • Because otherwise the competent authorities will not be able to take appropriate action against the perpetrators!

  • Because only by consistently disclosing such cases we can assess how big a problem they pose!

  • Because that way you help keep corruption from paying off!

We will carefully read and examine each submission received.

Each submission will be carefully examined and followed up. Using the form below is not mandatory for reporting corruption. Please provide as much information as possible so as to facilitate the investigation process. You may submit your report in writing (by post or e-mail), in person, by phone, or using the form below.

We are committed to protecting your identity, which may be disclosed only on the basis of a court order following the consideration of the public interest and the rights of other parties. You may choose to submit your report anonymously, however our inability to obtain additional information from you may hinder our investigation of the matter.

Fields marked with an asterisk * are mandatory.