The Commission is a collegiate decision body comprised of three members, Chief Commissioner and two Deputies, who have the status of officials. Chief Commissioner is responsible for managing and organising the Commission’s work, however in deciding on substantive matters, his vote is of equal weight to the votes of each of the Deputies. The Commission’s decisions on substantive matters are adopted at sessions by a majority of votes of all the members of the Commission.

The law provisions a special selection and appointment procedure for members of the Commission, which have been put in place to ensure its independence. Chief Commissioner and the two Deputies are appointed by the President of the Republic, whose selection is made from the candidates submitted to them by a selection board comprised of memembers of the ministry responsible for public administration, the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia, private non-profit organisations, the Judicial Council and and State Prosecutorial Council. Chief Commissioner is appointed for six years and the Deputy Commissioners for five years. Before the end of their respective terms, they may be dismissed only if found in breach of the law or the Constitution.




Rado Jože Kerč Head of Office
Nina Wabra Jakič
Petra Zajc Assistant to the Commissioner

Secretariat of the Commission

mag. Sonja Jelen Head of the Secretariat of the Commission
Milena Podjed Fabjančič
mag. Jagoda Vitez

Katja Mihelič Sušnik

Corruption Oversight Bureau

Mojca Beliš Potočnik
mag. Martina Vodušek
Martina Vuksanović

dr. Jure Škrbec

Corruption Prevention Bureau

mag. Vita Habjan Barborič Head of the Corruption Prevention Bureau
mag. Ivijan R Rojko